植田エ “フランダースの犬の事など”

2020年10月3日(土)– 10月25日(日)

OPEN 12:00-19:00


Takumi Ueda “A Dog of Flanders and other storie”
One day in 2015, I drew a painting thinking it might be the last piece I could have, it was "Mother and Child" that I painted on the canvas, as if I was led to. Ever since then, I have kept drawing, seeking for "the last piece of Mother and Child" and what it signifies.



Takumi Ueda
Born in 1978 in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. After retiring from Oriental Land Co., Ltd., he studied under the scientist Kenichiro Mogi and began working as an artist. Become a freelance in 2017. In 2018,Takashi Ikegami and Takumi Ueda's collaboration art work "Maria, Artificial life, Membrane, Fish" was exhibited at Aomori Triennale and National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation a.k.a. Miraikan. In 2019, he drew a mural for the Shibuya Arrow project.